Pro Wrestling Unscripted 11-15-17

November 15, 2017

Lots of New Japan Pro Wrestling news this week, and it's all good! We also talk about James Ellsworth leaving WWE, Eric Bischoff's new wrestling project, and we pick apart this weekend's Survivor Series!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Presents: T-Dog & Stone Cold Plumster

September 12, 2017

In the newest entry into our pWu Presents series, Asa and Dalton talk to wrestling (and educational) heroes T-Dog and the Stone Cold Plumster! The Stride Pro Wrestling stars talk about how they broke into the business, combining wrestling and fundraising, bonding over the business, preview the October 6th Stride show featuring Ricky Steamboat, and more!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Presents: Billy Hills & Sarah Summers

August 15, 2017

Wrestling's real power couple is in the studio to talk about fan interactions, character origins that will shock you, road stories, how amazing Marie Storm is, who the next breakout stars are, why Mario is the greatest game series of all time, sponsorship with COLLARxELBOW, and much more! This time it was almost edit free!


Pro Wrestling Unscripted Presents: Cody Wilson

June 27, 2017

In the first official installment of the pWu Presents series, CCW and Kansas City star Cody Wilson is in the spsotlight. Cody talks about his inspirations, his thoughts on wrestling today, his training, where he wants to be in life, a shared love of 12 Oz. Mouse, and more!